NAME AND ADDRESS OF FUNERAL DIRECTOR OR FIRM SIGNATURE OF FUNERAL DIRECTOR OR AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE FOR SOCIAL SECURITY USE ONLY - DO NOT WRITE IN THIS SPACE DO Processed Date Form SSA-721 5-2005 ef 8-2008 Use 1-2004 edition until supply is exhausted DATE A MESSAGE FROM SOCIAL SECURITY Your funeral director is helping the Social Security office by giving you this information about Social Security benefits. Form Approved OMB No. 0960-0142 SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION STATEMENT OF DEATH...
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Laws calm legal forms guide a DD Form 214 is a Department of Defense form used as a certificate of release or discharge from active duty it is the final papers a military member receives and is very important for receiving veterans benefits the DD Form 214 is available on the Department of Defense documentation website or can be supplied to the chain of command when requesting a completed DD Form 214 you must contact the National personnel records Center in order to properly fill out a DD Form 214 you will first need the personal information for the individual to be discharged in boxes 1 through 6 you must fill in the military members name Department social security number grade at time of discharge paygrade date of birth and reserve obligations box 7 requires some information about the military members entrance in the military including their place of entry into the service and home of record at the time of entry the last duty assignment and last place station at the time of separation should be filled in box 8 if the military member is being transferred to another department or branch box 9 is used to indicate where the transfer is to take place provide the history of the military members career and service records in boxes 11 through 14 box 11 requires specialties listed in order with dates and length of specialty service additional space may be needed so an addendum may be added if all specialties do not fit inside the box box 12 will indicate the record of service specifically breaking down the time periods of active duty separation dates prior active and inactive service time foreign service see service and effective pay rate dates boxes 13 and 14 further expand on the military career of the subject of the DD Form 214 awards education and commendations will be listed in these boxes additional sheets may be added box 18 will have any additional remarks that involve the separation from the military this box may be left blank unless there are clear remarks of the individuals military service that should be commented on finally provide the contact in from for the military member at the time of separation and the certification by both the separated member and the authorization officer in boxes 19 through 22 to watch more videos please make sure to visit laws comm